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How to control high blood pressure

How To Control High Blood Pressure At Home – Natural Ways!

How to control high blood pressure at home is a question asked by many people. The simple answer to the question is to take your normal routine and reduce it by changing some things you do every day. In other words, it is less about what you don’t do but more about what you do differently. Of course, there are also some medications that can be used to lower blood pressure that you can take by mouth. There are also some over the counter drugs that can help in controlling your high blood pressure if you apply for the right type of medicine and you follow the instructions on how to use them.

What is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is when blood flow to the heart is too increased. The increase in blood flow is caused by too much adrenaline in the bloodstream.
High blood pressure is diagnosed when your blood pressure is above normal. Your readings will vary throughout the day depending on your physical activities. Having high blood pressure measurements consistently higher than normal can lead to a diagnosis of primary hypertension (which is usually not harmful). If left untreated primary hypertension can lead to a stroke or heart attack. In many cases, the disease is detected very early on and treatment is possible.

How to control high blood pressure

Causes of Hypertension

Some causes of hypertension are not known. Hypertension considered a silent killer because no symptoms are normally displayed until very late. Most people do not become aware that they have hypertension until it has had an established period of time and there are serious signs to look for. By this stage, however, the patient may confused and may not know what to do. Curing hypertension is not as easy as many think because of the wide variety of treatments that are available.

There are several groups that are commonly known to contribute to a higher risk of developing hypertension. These are age, gender, race, and family history. People who smoke cigarettes and are overweight are more likely to develop essential hypertension than others. Alcohol consumption has shown to increase the risk factors.

Other factors that contribute to hypertension are the family medical history of hypertension. Hypertension is believed to be hereditary in nature. Family medical history may include hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and coronary artery disease. Cigarette smoking, use of alcohol, and use of some medications have also shown to increase the risk factors for hypertension. Obesity and being overweight or obese have shown to be risk factors for hypertension.

The majority of people who develop hypertension are of Asian descent. Research has shown that hypertension is more common in Asian men than in white men. Men who smoke and consume alcohol have also shown to have higher blood pressures than men who do not smoke, drink alcohol, or eat meat. Some research even suggests that the tendency toward hypertension is genetic.

Complication Due to Hypertension

Hypertension often associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other heart problems. The risk factors for heart disease include being male, being overweight or obese, having long-term diabetes, having blood clots in the arteries, having high blood pressure, and not exercising regularly. When blood vessels in the body become stiff and damaged, they do not transport blood to the heart as it should. This allows the heart to get only a portion of the blood that it needs. In turn, the body compensates by increasing its own production of “cortisol”, a hormone that can further restrict the blood vessels.

How to Control High Blood Pressure at Home

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, one of the best tips is learning about the power of natural remedies. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can be dangerous. It can cause strokes and heart attacks and in some cases, it can even be fatal. In order to avoid these life-threatening problems, it is important to lower high blood pressure naturally at home. If you are tired of taking prescription medications and are ready to take control of your health, then you should learn about some of the most effective natural remedies.

Plenty of Sleep

First of all, you should make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep. This can help you to feel better and to lower your pressure as well. Sometimes, sleeping right can also help to prevent high blood pressure. Of course, if you are having trouble getting enough sleep, you may want to consider other options.

Balance Diet

Now, you have to give some serious thought to your diet. You have to ensure that you are eating foods rich in nutritious vitamins and minerals, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low in saturated fat. You have to ensure that you do not take too much food that is rich in cholesterol as well.

If you are wondering how to control high blood pressure at home, your diet can be of great help to you. You should start eating foods that contain potassium and magnesium. Potassium helps to improve the muscle tone and endurance of your body. Magnesium also helps to balance fluid levels in the body. These two nutrients are extremely important if you want to overcome this condition.


Garlic has widely used in American homes for years. It is a very rich source of nutrients and It contains many substances that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system. It reduces blood pressure by strengthening the walls of the arteries and reducing the heart’s workload. In addition to lowering high blood pressure, it lowers cholesterol and triglycerides as well. It can be found in most grocery stores and can be prepared in your own kitchen.


Ginger is another natural cure for hypertension. Its effect on the circulatory system is similar to that of garlic. It lowers cholesterol and improves the flow of blood through the body. Like garlic, ginger can be bought at most supermarkets.


Cinnamon has also used as a home remedy for hypertension. In fact, cinnamon is probably one of the best home remedies for high blood pressure because of the many health benefits it brings to the body. Cinnamon acts as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic herb. It decreases cholesterol and triglycerides, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, and increases the action of enzymes that convert fats and cholesterol into energy. By using cinnamon in your diet on a regular basis, you can lower the risk of developing hypertension.


Artichoke contains rich sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that cause diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. They also reduce blood pressure. Artichoke has used in Europe for several years as a treatment for hypertension. It is now being used as a food supplement in the US.

Keep Track of Your Cholesterol Levels

If you want to learn how to control high blood pressure at home, you also have to keep track of your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is one of the main causes of hypertension. If you feel that your cholesterol level is too high, you should immediately consult a doctor so that he or she can tell you what you should eat. It is important to reduce your cholesterol level because higher levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause hardening of the arteries which is known as atherosclerosis. When left untreated, atherosclerosis can cause serious damage to your arteries resulting in high blood pressure.

Exercise Regularly

One of the most effective ways of how to control high blood pressure at home is to exercise regularly. Cardiovascular exercises can help in improving muscle tone and also in increasing your endurance. If you are feeling really tired, you can take some yoga classes or you can join a yoga retreat to help you relax and rejuvenate yourself. Exercising regularly can make wonders if you want to overcome this condition.

Fruits and Vegetables

You should make sure that you are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber. Fiber helps to draw water into your digestive tract. As a result, your body will be able to flush out more waste and therefore lower your blood pressure. Some delicious vegetables and fruits include carrots, celery, broccoli, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. In addition, there are many herbal remedies available that can help to reduce your blood pressure.

Some foods can actually help to reduce your pressure. For instance, fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that can lower it. Bananas are another food that has high potassium levels. Potassium helps to regulate the sodium in your body. As a result, you will find that you lose a little bit of weight and that your pressure returns to normal levels. Of course, if you are already overweight, you will want to avoid any foods that have a lot of fat in them.


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Takeaway Message

Did you know that high blood pressure is the second leading cause of death? In other words, it is a dangerous condition that you need to find treatment for right away. In some cases, high blood pressure is a hereditary issue. If you have parents or grandparents who have had it, you are more likely to develop it as well. However, even if you don’t have a history of it in your family, you still may be at risk. If you want to know more about How To Control High Blood Pressure contact us.

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